How It All Works


ESC makes it simple for you to participate in the movement

to end human trafficking in our corner of the world.


1. Individuals and Groups


We serve as a volunteer clearinghouse for individuals & groups of all kinds wanting to get involved in the fight against human trafficking happening locally.

We’ve created resources & a stellar online field guide which tracks every volunteer through the stages of understanding what Human Trafficking is, what the roots of it are both in the culture & in the human heart, what it looks like to pray through it, to serve those who have been affected by it, to participate in legislation against it, to participate in the purchase of goods not touched by it, to raise awareness about it, & also to stand shoulder to shoulder with those on the front lines of the fight locally – In ways that make sense to a volunteer’s schedule & skill sets, we get you off the bench & into practical service working against human trafficking.  We also create, tailor, &  shepherd best fit ongoing involvement strategies for businesses, orgs, churches, & groups of any size.

2. Agencies

We seek to resource, & help strengthen locally-focused anti-human trafficking agencies.

We’ve connected with anti-human trafficking agencies in the city to provide them access to our volunteer base so that they can be resourced with a steady supply of volunteers who, through our online Field Guide, have already received basic training about human trafficking & want to serve in the field of anti-trafficking locally. Agencies may also officially partner with ESC to have our staff handpick qualified volunteers for an agency’s short, mid, or long-term volunteer needs.


3. The SafeHouse Collaboration

1-53houseThe greatest immediate need in

the anti-human trafficking

effort is for beds.

There are less than 150 beds nationally for rescued minors. There are less than 200 beds nationally for rescued adults.

The SafeHouse Collaboration is about working together with businesses, churches, social services, & local anti-human trafficking agencies to help fill one of the greatest needs at the front of rescuing human trafficked victims – The need for safehouses. Places, not jail, where the victims can be taken to begin the long & complex journey back to wholeness.

In 2015, ESC launched a volunteer-driven SafeHouse with live-in staff caring for sex trafficking survivors. In 2016 we began housing labor trafficking survivors.  We’re now partnering with The Safehouse Project & connecting with local business & churches to garner sponsors for our next SafeHouse launch in 2019.


Now It’s Your Turn…


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