“You don’t have to travel to the third world to find your cause.

Find a Calcutta in your own backyard,

apprentice in the work of justice

& serve the most vulnerable & needy there”

 -Mother Teresa


The ESC Internship Program is for individuals who want to immerse themselves in the field of anti-human trafficking in order to get educated & equipped to champion justice, engage in the work, & help bring change to it in this corner of the world. 



ESC Interns receive a solid education, training, experience in anti-labor trafficking & anti-sex trafficking fields, & widely varied involvement with some of the city’s anti-human trafficking agencies.  We offer 3-month, 6-month, & 10-month internship lengths. However, the completion of 10-month rhythm comes with a certification, & a possible invitation to come on paid staff with ESC.


.The ESC Internship will afford you education & experience across the diversity of fields listed below:

+ Learn the roots, history, & trajectory of all 7 forms of human trafficking.

+ Work in the fields of anti-labor trafficking & anti-sex trafficking.

+ Participate in awareness & prevention campaigns at a grassroots level.

+ Experience Strip Club outreach.

+ SafeHouse training to serve in safehouses

+ Learn basic assessment skills & trauma care for rescued traffic victims.

+ Help connect victims to needed gov’t assistance & wraparound services. 

+ Work legislatively for survivors & those at risk of becoming victims.

+ Understand the supply chain in Labor Trafficking.

+ Work with orgs, business & churches to collaborate & advocate against human trafficking.


3 Months P/T or F/T $395.     6 Months P/T or F/T $695.     10 Months P/T or F/T $1,100.   

Internships come with a ‘Choose Your Own Start Date’ option.

Internship schedules are flexible & tailored to fit around each interns existing life-responsibilities.

Tuition costs cover all books, training materials, certifications, &

background checks.  All internship costs are nonrefundable.

Summer 2019 will be the final Summer Internship we will offer.